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Civil Litigation

At Leeser Law Firm PLLC, we understand the importance of securing a knowledgeable, cost-effective attorney when you become involved with a litigation case. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a civil law matter, the legal processes can be complicated. You may have much at stake with your claim or lawsuit. A strong attorney-client collaboration can make a great difference in the progression and resolution of your case.

You can depend on the team at Leeser Law Firm PLLC to provide the knowledge you need and represent you with your bottom line consistently in focus. Our attorneys will keep you informed throughout the process so you can be confident and prepared to make decisions in your best interests as your case progresses

Secure An Attorney You Can Trust For Your Civil Litigation Matter

Our clients' cases often stem from disputes involving:

  • Defamation-Slander and Libel
  • Breach of contract between business or clients
  • Personal injury
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • “Deceptive Trade Practices Act violation (DTPA claims)

Whatever issue brought you to this webpage, Leeser Law Firm PLLC can evaluate your case in a free 30-minute consultation.

Trust Us To Treat Your Litigation Case Uniquely

Count on us for personal attention to your case. Allow our knowledgeable attorneys to guide you through the legal proceeding. You can be certain we'll work to obtain the best possible resolution for your case. Our promise is high-quality representation that is tailored to your individual circumstances. Contact us today at 210-997-2914 to schedule a time to discuss your case with an attorney.


The legal problem that brings you to our door can be a stepping stone to a promising resolution.

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Leeser Law Firm PLLC is committed to answering your questions about family law, juvenile law, criminal law, civil litigation and appeals issues in San Antonio, Texas.

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